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Horse Training...

 Bits are "the most misunderstood piece of horse equipment ever invented. All too often, the human take on the situation is that a horse is a big animal, therefore the pressures needed to train the horse must be big and strong," Ron Meredith says.

"Not true," insists the president of Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre in Waverly, W.Va. Actually, there are very few surfaces in a horse's mouth where a bit can apply pressure, "so it takes some pretty complex applications of pressure to those few points to create complex communication.
The bit must be shaped in such a way to fit properly within the mouth so the horse is able to understand what the communication is during training," he says.
Horse Training Tip-
How to INSTANTLY relax a horse by using the sound of your voice... your friends will be amazed and wonder where you took horse lessons! There's a certain way of doing it, but its not what you think it is...You're voice is important in this horse back riding Information.  Click Here for More Information