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You may use this room for free to show people
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and it will be free also.

If you would like a demonstration of the room features, please email me.
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Right now, with fall approaching, I am out working with my horses, training them, fixing corrals, cleaning corrals, always doing something outside.  Mainly getting ready for winter around here.  It won't be long until I have to get out the tank heaters and blankets and heat lamps for all the critters on this place.

So, make yourself at home in the Horseman's Conference Room.  Invite others in for chats.  I try to be in the room for visiting purposes on Saturday, so drop in then if you like.

This winter I will be in the room more often.  I like to be in where it is warm.  If you would, drop me a note of "when" you would like to see people in the room, I can alert everyone on the list and we can pick out the best days and times to meet in there and talk about our horses, our passion!! :o)

Have a great day and go for a ride.  I am!!