Horses are gaining popularity fast as a way to facilitate therapy especially to the disabled. If you want to take a break from what is happening in your surroundings, climbing onto a horse is a great way to focus your attention away from that. Here are 7 reasons why horse back riding is the best therapy.

  1. Horseback riding requires focus

To be able to stay in control of the horse, you need to stay sharp and focused on the surroundings as well as keeping an eye on where the horse is going. If your mind starts to wander, you will notice that the horse will also begin to wander.

  1. Emotional strength

In order to be able to control the horse and get it to go and do what you want, you need to be assertive. This develops emotional strength. You will find that this emotional strength is applied to other sectors of your life.

  1. More emotional control

Not only will you be emotionally strong, you are also able to gain more control. Sometimes you may be frustrated and let out the anger on the horse. However, the horse also has a mind of its own and may not be in the mood to perform certain tasks.

As a responsible rider, you will know when to push your horse and when to let him run in his own pace. You will be able to control any doubts, fear or anger that you may have which will prove helpful in your everyday life.

  1. Learn patience

Sometimes the best therapy is doing nothing at all. Riding to a scenic place with just you and your horse can give you a chance to sit back and reflect. You develop patience which when applied to many parts of your life can prove beneficial.

  1. You learn to let go

No one is perfect whether horse or the rider. Both of you will make mistakes. Spending time with your horse will teach you to forgive those mistakes and move on. You are less likely to hold onto the past long enough for it to affect you.

  1. You learn to trust

When riding, you are on the back of a powerful animal that weights over 1200 pounds and you trust that you are going to be safe.

The horse also trusts you enough to let you climb onto his back. Such a relationship gives you a powerful bond and teaches you to trust.

  1. Feeling of accomplishment

When you ride off to watch the sunset and come home after dark, you get a feeling of accomplishment of a day or an afternoon well spent. This makes your life richer in experiences.